Tuesday, May 24, 2016

6 Money Saving Ideas to Help You Achieve Financial Security by the Time You Reach 30

They say that it is better to start young if you want to prepare for your retirement. But your financial objectives should not be limited to luxurious retirement but financial security at a very young age as well.  The world is constantly evolving and changing and you will never know what kind of financial crisis the future holds so it’s best to prepare for any economic downturn.  In addition, starting young will help you avoid being at the mercy of usurious lending companies or avail of loans from payday loan companies that also offer check cashing services with high interest rates.  So, how do you save money to become financially secure when you reach 30 years old?
  1. Avail of a financial plan while you are still young.  It can be a pension plan, a retirement plan, and a comprehensive plan.  You have to remember that monthly amortizations are cheaper while you are still young and you can choose large financial plans as you have more time to pay for it.
  2. You also need to have financial objectives.  Some examples of doable financial objectives are as follows:
    1. Be financially independent of your parents’ monetary assistance
    2. Be debt free always
    3. Avoid overdraft by living just under your means, not within.
    4. Always own good credit ratings at all times.
    5. Start your own investment portfolio as it is still cheaper right now and you can afford to accumulate as you still have to build your own family.
    6. Put premium on your name and integrity and demand perks

  1. Develop discipline when it comes to money such as formulating your personal financial strategies, educating yourself on financial planning (it’s better if you can partner with an actual financial advisor), implement budget plans, control your impulsive buying habits, avoid vices and elude any inclination towards “catching up with the Joneses.”
  2. Live at the moment and think for tomorrow.  There will be always time toughs in the future but to avoid such (if possible), you have to think of tomorrow and not just live for the moment. It is time to reduce unnecessary spending, cutback on high roller lifestyle related expenditure, give up vices, adjust insurance premiums and coverages (if you can already afford it now), and stay away from too much borrowings.
  3. Do not procrastinate.  Start doing things now and grab opportunities.  Do not commit the usual mistake of many young people; thinking that they will always be in the pink of health, or they will not lose their job later, or economic crises will only take days, not years or decades for example. 
  4. Have fun and recognize that the most important asset is yourself.  Thus, do not scrimp; spend on things that you love and eliminate those that you do not like at all since but are just there to be perceived as hip and cool.  Simplifying your lifestyle is a good start to have fun. 
Share this article if know somebody who is still below thirty and help him or her to be financially secure by the time they reach 30 years old.

3 Risks Associated with Short Term Loans

Short term loans such as payday loans can be very convenient and at times the most viable solution to an immediate financial crisis. Getting a payday loan can be very beneficial especially when you really need that financial boost. However, financial experts have already warned borrowers about problems with short term loans. Like any other form of financial bail-out, salary loans do have its advantages especially when it is used correctly. So if you find yourself in a bit of a financial quandary and believe that applying for a salary loan or any form of short term loan is the best solution, here are a few things you need to carefully consider:

Fees and more fees

The main problem with short term and unsecured loans is that the borrower will be wrapped in a huge pile of fees and interest rates. This is actually a common practice among lenders since this is the best way to get a return on investment knowing the risks involved by lending to borrowers who are deemed a credit risk. Keep in mind that lenders are also running a business so they will always make sure that they are on the winning end. So if you must apply for a loan, make sure that you borrow from a lender with good reputation and reasonable fees. It will also help to ask about any payment plans that are more to your liking.

Short term loan is dependent on your income

The term salary loan was coined because the loan is basically tied up with a borrower’s salary or payday. This means that the lender will draft an agreement which requires you to pay the loan plus fees of course within 15-30 days or depending on their payday. This can be very risky or it may cause additional problems in case the borrower gets unemployed. If are not able to find other resources for income, you may end up taking up another loan with more interest rates which can very well become a cycle. So in the event that you lose employment, the first thing you need to do is to contact your lender to negotiate a feasible payment scheme based on your current situation.

Not enough cash

The application process for short term loans is pretty easy but most lenders will not loan a significant amount to borrowers. Traditional loans on the other hand may be able to provide a higher loan amount but borrowers must go through a rigid application process which includes a credit check. This particular “risk” associated with short term loans can still be advantageous if you do not need a hefty amount.

The good news is that there are still other solutions that can help anyone who is in a bad financial situation. The best way to cope with a monetary crisis is to always keep an open and positive mind in order to find the best solution right away, be it a lender, people you know, or any other options. 

6 Financial Tips for Newly Married Couple


You don’t need to get married in order to be financially secure; marriage is not a financial solution in the first place.  However, it doesn’t mean that as a newly married couple, you aren’t going to plan for your future.  Building a family is financially stressful as attested not only by your parents, even rich people encounter financial problems too when growing a family.  Thus, it is important to take note of these tips for your future as financial worries is one of the reasons behind marital breakups. I’m sure that you do not want to add up to the statistics on failed marriages. 
It is not enough to subscribe to the vow of “for richer or for poorer” as who wants to be poor in the first place and end up borrowing money from cash advance loan companies?  So do take note of these financial tips:
  1. The honeymoon is over so it is time to discuss finances.  The sooner both of you talk about money matters, the better as you can immediately plan out your way towards healthy finances.
  2. Just like every plans, you need to set out goals. Know what directions both of you are leading to. Is it for retirement? Is it for kids? You will gain better success when goals are set.
  3. Discuss building your emergency funds including bank accounts.  Do you need a joint account or maintain individual accounts? Emergency fund and bank accounts are top priorities when it comes to money matters between couples.
  4. Prepare a budget plan and discuss sharing of responsibilities.  This is the time to talk about who takes charge of different household expenses. Discuss how much should be allocated for food and dining out, for entertainment and leisure, purchasing schedules on appliances or other household items and interior furnishing.  Remember to spend below your means in order to stay afloat and still have money left for emergency cases even though you have already set aside funding for emergency and contingency funds. 
Sharing responsibilities will help clarify roles and will prevent petty quarrels like who should pay for the bills and amortization for example. 
  1. Have a regular financial meeting; yes, this kind of meeting is not limited in the corporate world. Couple should also do the same in order to know and track their finances.  This way, you have an idea if there is an overdraft or not in order to determine adjustments to be made to stay in the black.
  2. Always maintain trust and confidence and learn from each other.  This is why you need everything to be jotted down so you have something to look back to when things go wrong.  Trust is built over time and is not a one shot deal.  Trust issues must be discussed regularly and of course, learn from each other. 

These are just some of the things you can do when it comes to finances in order to avoid money issues in the long for newly married couples.  Any more ideas?

5 Tips on How to Get out of Debt

Being stuck in debt can be very stressful especially if you are also experiencing a difficult time making ends meet. There are numerous reasons or circumstances which can may cause someone to end up in debt such as a consequence related to overspending or from unforeseen events like emergency expenditure or perhaps unemployment. Fortunately, there are also more than one way to solve this financial problem.

Being in debt can be very daunting especially if you are also pressed for time or if you have limited resources to pay off financial dues. However, you need not worry about your situation and even lose your mind because there is still hope. Here are 5 ways that can help you get out of that financial rut:


Start with a plan.
The first step is to make a complete assessment of your financial situation. Find out how much money you need to pay which includes the original amount and other fees or interest. Once you have this figured out, check which debt or bill you need to prioritize. It is best to order your payments according to the payment frame of the debt to avoid further fees or interest rates. Some people also start with items that have higher interest rates.

Review your spending habit.
Many people think that they can get away with extravagant spending habits even if they have a lot of bills or debt to pay. Once you have made a thorough assessment of your finances, find out which areas you need to cut on your spending from so you will be able to save more money. Check your shopping habits and see if you tend to shop more when you are stressed. Never spend money that you do not actually have such as using your credit card even when it’s beyond what you can pay.

Create a practical budget.
Develop a monthly or weekly budget that will track your income and expenses. There are free budget templates you can download online. Be realistic when setting up the budget which means that you have to cover all expenses and make sure that you still have enough money for emergency situations. When creating a budget, be practical and spend only on necessities so you are not deprived of basic needs due to unnecessary expenditures.

Organize your debt.  
Communicate with your lender and find out if you can create a payment plan that will fit your current financial status. Some lenders will allow a payment scheme which will benefit their clients, especially those who are already behind with payments. Never run away from your lender to avoid further problems. Negotiate with the financial institution for a possible deal that will not leave you in deeper debt.

Seek help.

There are plenty of credit counseling agencies which offer expert services especially to those who are in desperate situations. This way, you will be able to get professional assistance on how to handle debt. These agencies will most likely advise you not to take any more debt in the form of payday loans just to pay off any existing ones. Take heed from such experts so you will surely find yourself debt-free in no time. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Pro-bio White is known to be one of the leading brands providing probiotics(Lactobacillus) on each capsule of L-Glutathione. It aids and helps in the prevention of gastro-related intestinal issues. It intensifies the combat ability of the stomach from this intestinal problems.

Pro-bio White contains Probiotics, Collagen Peptide, Glutathione-reduced, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid, and Sodium Ascorbate.

As a skin agent, it provides betterment for the texture of the outer layer of the skin while revitalizing the inner layers. It firms, removes fine lines, and whitens overall.

Personally, I like how it eradicates blemishes and literally brightens the skin. It also helped me with my indigestion and regularized proper excretion of toxins. It also made the skin less pale and more healthy-pinkish-young-looking.

So Kudos, Pro-bio White!

Here are some testimonials from Real Users:


Skin Perfection

Skin Perfection(https://www.facebook.com/skinperfectionmain/) sent me this wonderful package that contains the Glutathione Soap,

Cheek and Lip Tint, Whitening Goddess Soap, and Lip Scrub.

These products are tried and tested to have amazing effects on the skin. The soaps will make your skin lighter as it exfoliates and reveals the more radiant skin.

The lip scrub tastes like sugar and strawberry(I don't know if it's edible haha)

It makes the lips smooth and removes dead skin cells.

The cheek and lip tint, was not what I expected since this is a new innovation. Personally, I like the first one better(rosy pink color) but then again this is also a must-have because of its natural red effect on the cheeks and lips.

All in all, if you want fairer skin the natural, and more affordable way, think SKIN PERFECTION. 

Monday, April 11, 2016


Vitapack Health and Beauty is an exemplary innovation for beauty, health, and wellness. They offer products like food supplements for whitening, slimming, and antioxidants. They also have lotions and soaps to maximize the capacity to get beautiful and radiant skin.

I was blessed to be able to try the Vitapack Slimaluma, Megawhite, & their 8-IN-1 Whitening Lotion. Now let me break it down to you one by onea and give you a quick feedback about my experience. :)

- Caralluma fimbriata extract
- Chromium picolinate
- Ginger
- Yerba mate

Now what I'm aware of is that, Yerba mate, and Ginger, are powerhouses when it comes to weight loss, so when I read that, I knew it would be effective. :) As of the moment I have finished taking 20 capsules and this is what I've noticed:
- suppressed appetite
- fastens metabolism
- helps you maintain your desired weight
- or lose weight
It would be better if while you're taking it, you are also controlling your eating habits in order to get the best result possible. :)

- L-Glutathione (250mg)
- Calcium ascorbate (100mg)
- L-Cysteine (50mg)

The whitening effect is awesome! Skin really brightens up and combats blemishes from appearing frequently. I also feel stronger and I don't feel tired or sleepy very often even in situations where you should be physically tired. It makes your skin look fresh and you, much younger also. Even if I just turned 23. Haha. :D Each packet has 2 capsules that you can take every before mealtime. They are quite classy. :)


Last, but absolutely not the least, the Vitapack lotion! It's pretty fantastic that it can be used for the face and body. Since most lotions don't specify that it CAN or CANNOT be used for the face. This one clearly says that it CAN be. 

It also says that it's effectiveness ranges from whitening, moisturizing, blemish removal, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, exfoliating, smoothening, & UVA/UVB PROTECTION. I couldn't agree more. 
I've seen the skin lighten up and improve so much better than it's regular "unmoisturized" state. Lol. :)

I can't state enough how pleased I am with Vitapack. It's very impressive. Must try for all avid beauty and health buffs!

So yeah, that sums up my review for Vitapack, I highly recommend it! If you want to know more and on how to order, check out this link below: