Thursday, March 5, 2015


Three things you need to look for in a cookie: 1)DELICIOUSNESS 2)CALORIE-CONTENT 3)VARIETY

COOKIE STICKS got 'em all!! 
I like the idea that they are not the typical round cookies but everything is shaped as a stick(obviously😜)!

Flavor-wise, I love that the cookie sticks doesn't taste too overpowering. The sweetness is not intense so you will probably get kinda addicted to it.
Good thing it's very low in calories so you  don't need to get super weight-conscious about it. Another awesome thing is that they have a variety of flavors that will probably suit your preference. 
Now let us get down to business and just cut to the chase. Here are some flavors and some feedback :) 

1) Almond Butter - has a cherry-like taste. It also has a candy-like essence to it that I like. 
2) Brownie - One of my favorites! Maybe because I am a big chocolate-lover and this one satisfies the craving. It's not too sweet or too blunt so I enjoyed it.
3) White Choc Chip - more subtle in sweetness than the BROWNIE flavor. If you like it light, then this one's for you. 
4) Chocolate Chip - has bits of chocolates and has a texture that is so easy to nibble and not too hard or soft. 
5) Cookies and Cream - this is so delish! I'm a big fan of this flavor and cookie sticks brought justice to the flavor. Very good. 
6) Snickerdoodles - It's like eating cinnamon breads in tidbits. You get to have a quick cinnamon fix without having to devour large cinnamon breads. 
7) Garlic - Okay, so this one actually has the largest container and you might find it weird that it doesn't have a "dip" or sauce. Don't you worry, child. It will not disappoint you when you get to taste it. It has a very palatable garlic bread-like taste. It's not too salty nor too blunt. It's perfect just the way it is. 

8) Coco Sugar Oatmeal - l love oatmeal cookies. They have a very distinct taste that will really make you crave more - plus they're made of fiber so high five to your health! Even if this has CocoSugar, it doesn't have intense sweetness. 
9) Oatmeal Choc Chip - now this one is quite sugary for me. But still it has the essence of oatmeal that is sure to make every sweet tooth and oatmeal-lover alike happy. 😋

LAST HURRAH: I'm amused with how simple but classy the vessels of the COOKIE STICKS are. Photo-opt-Instagram-facebook-Twitter-worthy! It's really something. :) 
I'm almost done! Don't forget to check out what's below for more details! :)

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