Thursday, March 19, 2015

Slimina Slimming Coffee

In this day and age of instant gratification and everyone "living in the fast lane" it's very relevant that the Slimina Coffee is in the market.

Now this kind of coffee promotes weight loss without expecting too much from you. I mean, personally, I like the idea that it isn't a pill or a tablet that you need to take with gallons of water. It's so ergonomic in the sense that you can just drink it casually every morning.

Here are some ingredients: 
Hunger-Oblivion Grass 
Griffonia Simplicifolia
Bitter Orange Extracts
Instant Coffee

Slimina Slimming Coffee contains 12 sachets of 10 grams each. My weight at the time was 46 and then after 3-4 days of coffee-ing, I noticed my face got slimmer and my weight became 45. I was impressed because I wasn't doing a full diet of any sort and yet I got such a quick result. Magic potions sent me two boxes - 24 sachets in total so I am convinced that SLIMINA is really effective. 👍 I have no other words than it is a MUST-TRY for all weight-conscious. If there's any downside, it might be that it's quite bitter. Other than that, it's perfect and safe! 

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